Welcome to the Midland Gastroenterological Nurses Society Website

The MGNS is a thriving, well established regional group covering the Midlands area of the UK. We pride ourselves on the close affiliation that we have with the Midland Gastroenterological Society and the British Society of Gastrointestinal Nursing Association (formally the Endoscopy Associates Group). The aim of the group is to advance nursing within the specialities of gastroenterology and endoscopy, as well as fostering friendship and networking amongst those with an interest in this area.

To achieve this we hold biannual meetings, usually in May and November. These meetings are normally held simultaneously with those of our medical colleagues in the Midland Gastroenterological Society. Thus providing an opportunity to network, meet representatives from pharmaceutical and technical companies, enhance existsing relationships with healthcare providers from across the Midlands.

The MGNS provides sponsorship for members wishing to undertake educational or training courses. Additionally we provide an opportunity for members to present for the first time in the safety of our “new speaker slot” available at every meeting.

Ann Barson Award