The Ann Barson Award

Every year there is an opportunity for a member of the MGNS to win The Ann Barson Award -Champion and Innovation within Gastroenterology.


In 1994 Sr Ann Barson was the first nurse to take on the challenge of performing endoscopies in the UK. This at the time was uncharted territory for nurses; there were no recognised courses or protocols for Sr Barson to attend or follow but with the support from clinicians she picked up a scope and performed endoscopies to the same standard. Sr Barson was very passionate about this revolution in nursing and travelled the UK promoting and selling the idea to other nurses working in endoscopy at a time where opposition to the concept was frequently displayed. It is thanks to pioneers and role models like Sr Ann Barson who walked on thin ice at the time that the role has developed to the point it is today.

As a commitee we wish to recognise the acheivements within the gastroenterology setting of individuals; no matter how small the accomplishment, innovation, idea or concept. The Award is about how healthcare professionals change practice to improve patient care. This person (s) may be anyone working within the specialist environment, for example booking clerk/receptionist, clinical nurse specialist, healthcare assistant, endoscopy technician, staff nurse or volunteer workers. The individual (s) must be nominated by a member of their team.

The prize consists of:

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Previous Winners


November 2015 Winners Winners
IBD Team from Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham
November 2015 Runners Up Runners Up
Endoscopy Healthcares from University Hospital North Midlands - Royal Stoke

For dedication to decontamination