Our Constitution

1. The aim of the group is the advancement of nursing within the gastroenterology and endoscopy speciality and the fostering of friendship and learning amongst those who have an interest in this area.

2. Objectives are to provide support education and development to its members through study days and use of educational materials. The group will forge links with other regional and national gastroenterological and nursing groups to ensure that relevant accurate and up-to-date information is disseminated to the membership.

3. Full membership of the group is open to both registered nurses and non registered healthcare workers/technicians who work in any gastroenterological centre or have an interest in gastrointestinal disease within the Midlands. These members have full voting rights.

4. The Executive Committee shall consist of ten committee members. Anyone who has full membership is entitled to stand for nomination to the committee. All nominations should be proposed and seconded by another full member. Election of nominees is by majority vote of those present at the Annual General meeting. Term of office is three years after which re election can be sought for a further term. All members are expected to attend 50% of meetings during the year. Failure to do so will result in immediate removal from the committee. Apologies for absence must be submitted to the Secretary and/or the Chairperson. Travelling expenses will be paid in addition to free membership during the members term on committee.

5. Officers. From amongst its members the committee shall elect the following officers: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Newsletter Editor and study day co-ordinator. The committee may co-opt from the membership as required.

6. Quorum. Four members of the committee, one of whom must be an elected officer, must be present in order for the committee meeting to go ahead.

7. The Constitution. Any proposed changes to the constitution must be submitted in writing to the Chair or Secretary of the MGNS three months prior to any Meeting. For any change to be ratified and passed a 2/3 majority of full members passed at the AGM is required.