Q. Can I apply for membership at any time of the year?

A. Yes, please fill the form and confirmation of your membership application will be sent to you.

Q. If I paid my fees in October does that cover my yearly registration?

A. Unfortunately not - Yearly registration is from spring to spring. If you wish to attend the study day in the November but haven't already paid registration then a one off payment will be required at a cost of £10. A registration letter will be sent out accordingly in the new year asking whether you wish to register for the year.

Q. Can I just turn up on the study days and attend without membership?

A. We prefer to know in advance those who wish to attend, not because we are awkward in any way, but arrangements need to made regarding the size of the venue and catering requirements. If it is last minute arrangements then please contact the Membership Secretary regarding membership and Study Day Coordinator regarding available spaces on the study day. Please see contact list page. We don’t want people turning up to be disappointed because there is not space available to accommodate them.

Q. If I want to perform a presentation on the study day, who do I contact?

A. The person that you need to contact is the Chairman for the MGNS (see contacts). All attempts will be made to accommodate requests to present at our study days. A new speaker slot has been available to ensure that novice speakers are treated kindly in an environment that is ‘safe’ and feedback is available after the event to encourage further public speaking.

Q. If I want a subject or topic to be presented at the study day, who do I contact?

A. Again as chairman for the MGNS. The Chairman is the main contact for suggestions but any of the committee would be happy to take forward suggestions to our regular committee meetings for discussion. If you know of a good speaker that we can invite to present then please let us know, sharing of knowledge is good practice.