Membership and Educational Funding


Membership of the MGNS is open to anyone working in or having an interest in gastrointestinal nursing, including those nurses with a medical or surgical nursing background, endoscopy nursing and those practitioners with a specialist interest in nursing diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Membership of the Midland Gastrointestinal Nurse Society is recognition of an individual's professional status within this vital sector of the healthcare industry. Membership should be included as part of professionals’ curriculum vitae and participation of study days (with reflective practice) may be included in PREP requirements (NMC, 2008).

Membership offers individuals the opportunity to meet other like-minded colleagues, compare notes, improve knowledge and standing in the healthcare sector and take advantage of all the benefits of membership, including:

Membership application for an individual basis at the cost of £10 per annum


Membership application for an endoscopy unit registration at the cost of £50 per annum

To apply for membership please complete the forms and send to the appropriate committee members for processing.

Educational Funding

The MGNS is committed to enhance learning opportunities within the Midland area. As a result of this the MGNS are providing an opportunity to obtain £250 towards a conference attendance or educational study. This is given out on an annual basis and a letter of application should be attached to an email to the chairperson of the committee (see contacts).

Each request for funding will be looked at on an individual basis. The committee will then decide on who will be awarded the moneys. In return we request that a small presentation/talk should be given on how the training or learning has helped to advance or enhance patient care, challenged or changed practice or enhanced professional development.

Membership Form

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